Looking for a great preschool/Kindergarten for your children?

Creative Montessori Center (CMC)  is right here at St. Cyprian Parish!

One thing that sets CMC apart from other schools is the extra-curricular classes that are offered. Each day, a different “Special Class” takes place, including Spanish for all students. Our pre-primary students enjoy Art, Music, Discovery (Humanities, Geography, Science, & Cultures), and Phys. Ed. Our Kindergarten students also receive instruction on computers, Music Theory, and “Montessori Manners”. Our elementary students learn Art, Music, Instruments and Music Theory, Discovery, Computers, Keyboarding, Phys. Ed, Current Events, and “Montessori Manners”. 

CMC was founded in 1972, and enrolls children 2½ to 6 years old. Tuition is determined based on the number of days per week and whether your child attends a full or half day.

Contact Director Ashley Griggs for more information

at 734-225-1891 or email  creativemontessoricenter1@gmail.com.