Friday, September 21
10:00am USDA/TEFAP distribution in social hall
Sunday, September 23
11:45am    RCIA meet in St. Nicholas room
Monday, September 24
6:15pm     Religious Education grades 1-8 meet in classrooms
Tuesday, September 25
6:00pm     Ladies Guild Board meet in hospitality room
6:00pm     Wedding rehearsal in church
7:00pm     Baptism Preparation in St. Theresa room
Wednesday, September 26
10:00am    Pantry Distribution in social hall
10:00am    Bible Study meet in St. Nicholas room
10:15am Crafters meet in hospitality room
7:00pm Book Club meets in conference room
7:30pm AA meet in social hall
Thursday, September 27
7:30pm AA meet in social hall
7:30pm Alanon meet in hospitality room
Friday, September 28
5:00pm Wedding in church
Saturday, September 29
9:00am St. Vincent dePaul Friends of the Poor Walk on Belle Isle, Detroit
Sunday, September 30
11:45am RCIA meet in St. Nicholas room

Selected Wednesdays @ 7:00pm


September 25
The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid
by Bill Bryson

September 29: Friends of the Poor Walk

St. Vincent De Paul

Belle Isle, Detroit

November 9: Paint & Pour