St. Cyprian Church’s 2019 CSA Target is $87,772, an increase of $2,456 over last year. We are again asking for $200 from each family.
This year, checks must be made out to “Archdiocese of Detroit —CSA” due to changes in banking procedures. But you can skip the line when you  make your gift online! Click on the link below and make your gift with a credit card of bank EFT. For assistance in making an online gift or pledge, call 1-800-348-2886, Option 2 between 10:00am and 5:00pm.
Did you know that any amount over our target comes back to the parish 100%? And better yet, it’s free from the Archdiocesan 7% Assessment. 
Collections as of 6/20/19
101% of our goal
How is the CSA target calculated?
How are CSA dollars used?