St. Cyprian Church’s 2021 CSA Target is $90,654, an increase of $1,409
over our original 2020 target. We are asking for $225 from each family.
The easiest way to give is to go to click on the box below, select St. Cyprian from the drop down list, and make your gift online!
If you prefer to write a check, please make it out to “Archdiocese of Detroit —CSA” due to changes in banking procedures.
Did you know that any amount over our target comes back to the parish 100%? And better yet, it’s free from the Archdiocesan 7% Assessment. 
Gifts & Pledges
Collections through June 21, 2021
$44,885 from 196 families
Average gift of $229 per family
2021 CSA Goal:  $90,654
Percent of target: 49.5%
Amount remaining: $45,769
Cash collected: $41,673