Thursday, October 17

7:00pm “Jesus Revealed” Bible Study meet in St. Nicholas room

7:30pm Alanon meet in hospitality room

7:30pm AA meet in choir room

Friday, October 18

10:00am USDA/TEFAP distribution in social hall

6:00pm Wedding rehearsal in church

Saturday, October 19

10:00am Medicare presentation in social hall

2:00pm Wedding of Sydney A. Nimeth & Nathan D. Clark

Sunday, October 20

10:00am Confirmation Preparation in St. Nicholas room

Saturday/Sunday, October 19/20 after Mass

Blood Drive Sign ups

Monday, October 21

6:15pm          Grades 1-8 Religious Education in various classrooms

Tuesday, October 22

6:00pm          Bell Choir meet in church

Wednesday, October 23

10:00am        Pantry distribution in social hall

10:15am        Crafters meet in social hall

7:00pm          Choir meet in music room

7:30pm          AA meet in social hall

Thursday, October 24

1:00pm          Church Directory Photos in social hall

7:00pm “Jesus Revealed” Bible Study meet in St. Nicholas room

7:30pm Alanon meet in hospitality room

7:30pm AA meet in choir room

Friday, October 25

2:00pm Church Directory Photos in social hall

Saturday, October 26

10:30am Church Directory Photos in social hall

6:00pm Trunk or Treat in church parking lot

Sunday, October 27

8:00am Blood Drive in social hall






Book Club

Third Thursday at 1:00pm

November 21
Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World
(Copies available at the Riverview Public Library)
Dewey’s story starts in the worst possible way. On the coldest night of the year in Spencer, Iowa, at only a few weeks old–a critical age for kittens–he was stuffed into the return book slot of the Spencer Public Library. He was found the next morning by library director Vicki Myron, a single mother who had survived the loss of her family farm, a breast cancer scare, and an alcoholic husband. Dewey won her heart, and the hearts of the staff, by pulling himself up and hobbling on frostbitten feet to nudge each of them in a gesture of thanks and love. For the next nineteen years, he never stopped charming the people of Spencer with his enthusiasm, warmth, humility (for a cat), and, above all, his sixth sense about who needed him most.

As his fame grew from town to town, then state to state and finally, amazingly, worldwide, Dewey became more than just a friend; he became a source of pride for an extraordinary Heartland farming community slowly working its way back from the greatest crisis in its long history.
Mark your calendars with following dates:
December 19, January 16, February 20, March 19, April 23


Calendar Of Events — September -December 2019

Theme Of Sessions — Weaving Threads of Spirituality in Our Modern World

Thursday, October 10:  Interculturality & Discipleship Ecumenism
Thursday, November 14:  Conscience & Discernment
Thursday, December 5:  Advent Joy & Love Each session is 10:00–11:30am and a free will donation.
Register by Monday of each week for Thursday session   Facilitated by Mary Therese Lemanek, Sr. Margaret Hoey and Sr. Ann Kasparek To Register for these events:  Call 313-383-3312 or Email –

New Pictorial Directory — St. Cyprian Parish is planning a new Church Directory and we want you to be part of it!  Next weekend in the gathering space you can schedule your portrait time or you can go to (church code: MI1302; password: photos) Monday 8am-Friday 3pm to schedule.  Photography dates are: Oct. 24, 25: 2-8pm, Oct. 26: 10:30am-4pm and Nov. 7, 8: 2-8pm, Nov. 9: 10:30am-4pm. BlackLineDivider

Sunday, October 27

Blanket Making

Sunday November 17 starting at 4pm.  We will provide pizza, pop and chips.