It is our hope that your faith will deepen through our worship, service, education, and stewardship in the name of Jesus Christ.  Each of these facets of parish life will have a direct effect on you and, in turn, directly touches every other member of the community.



Worship, especially in the Sunday Eucharistic Liturgy, is the focal point of Catholic life. In the words of the Second Vatican Council: Liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed. It is also the font from which all its power flows (Sacrosanctum Concilium,10). Because we bring all of the week’s accomplishments and failures to the Sunday assembly, it is important that we gather in thanksgiving and petition as we enter another week. This provides the necessary food for the Christian journey.

Service is the natural outpouring of our worship. Once we pray and feast on the Word of God and the Body and Blood of Christ, we sense the call to serve the parish and the community. We urge you to become involved in some specific parish activity through which you bring your new life to others. We announce the needs through our weekly newsletter, The Connection. When we all offer some of our time and talent, heavy loads are made much lighter.


Education flows from our worship and service.  Religious Education and sacramental preparation is offered for all children and teens with options suited to the contemporary suburban family’s hectic schedule. We also offer opportunities throughout the year for adult formation in the faith. In addition, St. Cyprian also supports our local Catholic elementary schools.  Gabriel Richard Catholic High School is just a mile away and offers the finest college-prep curriculum in our area, with many of their liturgical celebrations occurring in St. Cyprian Church. 

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Stewardship is a way of life encouraged by the Scriptures and supported throughout the history of the Church. It is a way of giving back to God the first and best. In agricultural societies it meant giving a regular portion of the quality crops to the church for distribution to the poor. Now, while our lives have changed, the concept of Stewardship remains the same. We are each called to give time, talent, and treasure to the Church first, in a spirit of gratitude, for the many blessings we have already received, for the good of the poor and marginalized, and for the ongoing work of building the reign of God.
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