Infant Baptisms are celebrated during the weekend liturgies within the Christian Community.  Parents must attend a Baptism Preparation Class, and being a registered member of the community is recommended.  Contact the Parish Office for more information:  (734) 283-1366 x110.
SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION Saturday at 4:00 p.m. or  by appointment: (734) 283-1366 x111.  Communal Reconciliation is celebrated during the seasons of Lent and Advent in cooperation with the Downriver Vicariate.  See the video below for the process.

SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION Preparation begins in May of the 8th grade year and Confirmation is celebrated in winter of the 9th grade year.  The program consists of learning sessions, summer service projects, and a mandatory retreat in September.  Contact the Religious Formation Office at 734-283-1366 x118 for more information.  To inquire about Adult Confirmation, contact our Pastoral Associate at 734-283-1366 x112.  
SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE Couples wishing to celebrate their wedding at St. Cyprian Church begin their preparation at least six months before their planned wedding date.  Preparation includes meeting with a priest for an orientation about the Parish’s Marriage Process, participation in a pre-marriage evaluation tool, and attendance at a pre-marriage seminar.  Contact the Pastor for more information: (734) 283-1366 x111.  
FUNERALS Please call the Parish Office at (734) 283-1366 x110 when arranging a funeral.  Details are arranged with the funeral director; the liturgical arrangements regarding readings, music, etc. are coordinated with the family and the parish staff.  Usually on the night prior to the funeral liturgy in Church, there is a Vigil Service led by a Parish Wake Minister.  You will also be contacted by our Ministers of Consolation for a home visit months after the funeral to offer support and bereavement resources.  Families are invited to a Liturgy of Remembrance in November which honors the deceased in a special way.  See our Funeral Planning Resources page for more information.