The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body to the Pastor and the coordinating and unifying structure of the Parish community.  It is the means of achieving the full participation of the whole Parish in its mission by giving all a voice in supporting, guiding and directing the various aspects of Parish life.  Its members gather together the visions, hopes and needs of the community, reflecting upon them until a consensus is reached, and translate this consensus into parish planning through the establishment of goals and objectives.  The Council ensures that these goals and objectives are implemented by the parish commissions and committees and that they are evaluated annually by the faith community. Pastoral Council has one standing committee:  Evangelization.


The Finance Council oversees the parish finances, ensures proper stewardship, and provides accountability and transparency through regular reviews of the parish budget and financial report to the Archdiocese of Detroit.  The FC reviews and approves large capital expenditures.


Worship Commission

Because the Eucharist is the source and summit of Christian Life, the Worship Commission is actively and directly connected and concerned with all aspects of the liturgical life of the Parish.  The Worship Commission is responsible for the quality of worship at St. Cyprian, serving the Parish in the areas of liturgy and ecumenism.  The Worship Commission also promotes and provides for programs of education, planning and evaluation, and is involved with liturgical celebrations.  It is the liaison for relations with other Christian and non-Christian churches and religious bodies.

Altar Assistant, Altar Linen Team, Altar Server, Art & Environment Team, Church Keeper, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Greeters, Lectors & Sacristans, Funeral & Wedding Ministries, Usher

St. Cyprian Choir, Bells of Praise, Cantor & Psalmist Ministries, 

Instrumentalists, Heavenly Voices 

Christian Service Commission

The Christian Service Commission exists as a model and resource to enable St. Cyprian Parish to put the social teaching of the Church into action.  The Commission informs and engages the members of the parish so they may actively participate in the Church’s mission of service and justice.  The Commission creates and/or promotes programs designed to address human needs and encourage justice in the local community.  The Commission cooperates with Church, government and social agencies to develop peace and justice according to Gospel values.
Other volunteer opportunities include: All Saints Soup Kitchen Blood Drive, Blood Pressure Clinic, Bread for the World Campaign, Comfort Kits, Crafters, Communion Ministers for Homebound, Assisted Living and Nursing Homes, Fair Trade Sale, Food Pantry, Garden for the Pantry, Holiday Giving Tree, Plastic Bag Recycling Program, and USDA/TEFAP Food Distribution.

Education Commission

The purpose of the Education Commission is to promote and encourage lifelong faith formation for all its parishioners at all age levels.  The Commission and its Committees share in the responsibility for promoting the teaching mission of the Church by developing, creating, promoting and evaluating faith formation programs.

The EC has two standing committees:  Family Faith and Adult Faith.  There are also ample opportunities to serve in Grades 1 – 8 Education as a Catechist (Preschool – Middle School, Sacramental or Substitute),  Classroom Assistant, Hall Monitors, Liturgy of the Word for Children Presenter, and Religious Formation Office Help, and Youth Group Adult Volunteer.  Within Adult Education, there are opportunities as a Bible Study Leader, RCIA Sponsor and Wake Ministry.

Stewardship Commission

The Stewardship Commission is a service group of the Pastoral Council and of other commissions of the Council.  The Commission plans, recommends, and, with Council approval, implements actions on Parish financial support, and the effective management and use of Parish resources.  These resources include parishioner’s time, talent and treasure offered.  The Stewardship Commission is concerned with three broad areas:  (1) the effective utilization of parish resources; (2) the budget; and (3) the total Christian Stewardship Program:  Time, Talent and Treasure.  
Other volunteer opportunities include Catholic Services Appeal, Changing Lives Together Campaign, Fundraising & Raffles, Professional Services:  Legal, Marketing and

Skilled Trades. 

Parish Wide Volunteer Opportunities

Bakers, Hospitality, Knights of Columbus, Ladies Guild, Money Counters, Office Help, Parish Picnic, and St. Vincent de Paul